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Konstantinos is a recognized expert on occult, new age, and paranormal topics. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism and technical writing from New York Polytechnic Institute. He is a published author of articles and short fiction which have been featured in numerous publications including Popular Electronics, The Spook, and FATE Magazine. Konstantinos is a popular lecturer on the paranormal at colleges and bookstores in the New York City area and he has appeared on CNBC's After Hours and The Ricki Lake Show.

A Dark Neopagan, Konstantinos has been researching the occult and practicing magick for over fifteen years. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Konstantinos now devotes his time to writing, singing Gothic rock music, and exploring nocturnal life in New York City and around the country.

Konstantinos is also the author of Vampires: The Occult Truth, Summoning Spirits: The Art of Magical Evocation, Speak with the Dead: 7 Methods for Spirit Communication, Gothic Grimoire, Nocturnal Witchcraft, and the forthcoming Nocturnicon: Calling Dark Forces and Powers (Sept 2005).


Books by Konstantinos


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The Nocturnal Witch Collection By Konstantinos

The Nocturnal Witch Collection By Konstantinos

Embrace the shadows and explore the dark side of magick with this boxed set of Konstantinos favorites.

Nocturnal Witchcraft introduces how to work with lunar powers and spiritual entities that prefer the darkness. Learn to cast a nocturnal magick circle, skry the night, open the gates to the underworld, and use dark symbols in your night rituals.

Expand your connection to the dark ether and the unseen world with Gothic Grimoire. This book features techniques and rituals taken directly from KonstantinosÂ’ personal magickal notebooks, including the Nocturnicon, rites for overcoming obstacles that appear in the life of the nightkind.

From astral travel to working with thoughtforms, The Nocturnal Witch Collection will help you connect with the positive side of the dark-ness.

Item Number: 9780738711560

$ 24.95 each

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 Nocturnicon By Konstantinos

Nocturnicon By Konstantinos

Take a thrilling walk on the dark side with Konstantinos! The author of Nocturnal Witchcraft presents a collection of magickal techniques for working with dark forces. Developed and tested by Konstantinos, these rites and rituals have proven to be quite powerful in harnessing nocturnal energies-even helping the author overcome a serious medical condition in a miraculous recovery that shocked doctors!

Drawn from diverse sources-ceremonial magick, folk magick, ancient Greek ritual, and divination-these techniques enable magicians and novices to conjure and control primal energies, thoughtforms, Lovecraftian entities, egregores, sigils, and other forces. Those attracted to the dark mysteries will relish Konstantinos' bold exploration of sex magick, death magick, altered states, dream grimoires, and forbidden tomes.

Item Number: 9780738708324

$ 14.95 each

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Vampires: The Occult Truth by Konstantinos

Vampires: The Occult Truth by Konstantinos

Discover the strange world of the undead and the proof that creatures of the night exist when you read Vampires by Konstantinos.

The facts about vampires are stranger than anything you may have read, heard, or imagined before. In Vampires you''''ll learn the truth about the undead. It rips away the myth and exposes the habits and lifestyles of these beings.

Vampires reveals the occult truths about these creatures including actual first-person encounters with vampires of all types, the ancient undead of folklore, contemporary mortal blood drinkers, and the most dangerous creatures of all: psychic vampires who intentionally drain the life force from their victims.

  • Learn about the four types of vampires
  • Read about vampire legends from around the world
  • Discover vampires from history, including:
  • Arnold Paole of Serbia
  • Peter Plogojowitz and the Count de Cabreras of Hungary
  • The vampire of Croglin Grange, Cumberland, England
  • Countess Elizabeth Bathory, responsible for up to 650 deaths
  • Gilles de Rais
  • Fritz Haarman, of Germany, from ninety years ago
  • John Haigh of Yorkshire, England, from just before WWII
  • And of course, the real Vlad Dracula
  • Present-day blood drinkers
  • How to protect yourself from vampires

Included are letters from contemporary vampires. You will be shocked and surprised as you discover what these people are really like. Besides learning about the psychic vampire that unintentionally drains you of your energy as well as the intentional psychic vampire, you''''ll learn rituals for protection and methods to avoid falling into their clutches.

Vampires finally reveals the truth about the undead. You will be fascinated when you discover who they were and what they are now, and you''''ll be grateful when you learn how to protect yourself from them. This is not a book of fantasy and imagination, but of science, history, and spirituality.

Item Number: 9781567183801

$ 14.95 each

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Gothic Grimoire by Konstantinos

Gothic Grimoire by Konstantinos

The nightkind come alive after sunset. Knowing darkness is not "evil," they find their greatest inspiration in the realms of shadow, illusion, death/rebirth, and the unknown.

This companion to Nocturnal Witchcraft contains exclusive material taken from the author's own Book of Shadows. You will find nocturnal rituals for the sabbats and the Dark and Full Moons. Explore advanced astral workings: astral travel, creating thoughtforms, and banishing unwanted energies. Practice an advanced ritual for communicating with the dead and entering the underworld. Finally, the "Nocturnicon" gives you spells and invocations for everything from attracting love to conquering addiction.

  • Companion book to Nocturnal Witchcraft
  • Presents the dark aspects of magic in a positive way
  • Provides dozens of usable techniques and rites in a free-form, traditional grimoire design
  • Contains material not available elsewhere, including a refined technique for leaving the body, instructions for creating a nocturnal spirit servant, and a magick spell for increasing night vision. The author has appeared on "Ricki Lake," and was interviewed in the best selling book Piercing the Darkness: Undercover with Vampires in America Today

Item Number: 9780738702551

$ 14.95 each

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Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos

Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos

Now you can learn how to evoke and communicate with 50 spirit entities and make use of their abilities, when you get Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos.

Evoking spirits is one of the most powerful magical techniques you can use-but, until now, most of the material available on evocation has been virtually unusable because it was written by those with little practical evocation experience. Summoning Spirits was written by a practicing magician who has successfully performed many evocations. With his guidance and clear directions, performing evocations will be easy and safe for anyone.

  • Learn to safely evoke powerful spirits to aid you with any task
  • Create sigils charged with the energy of spirits to magnify the effects of your evocations
  • Make an etheric egregore, a manufactured spirit that will perform the task of your choice
  • Perform easy exercises to train your magical abilities and to develop clairvoyance and clairaudience
  • Construct, prepare, and use special magical tools to aid your evocations

Summoning Spirits is a complete manual for evoking entities to effect positive changes in your life. Learn how the spirits that dwell on the other planes can be evoked to the astral and physical planes to help you obtain mystical abilities, locate hidden "treasure," and even command a spirit "army" to protect your home while you're away.

Summoning Spirits describes the specific attributes and abilities of 50 entities that you can evoke to uncover valuable knowledge, and who will help you succeed in nearly any task, magical or mundane.

Whether you need help to face life's challenges or to work a minor miracle, you will find the art of magical evocation a tremendously potent tool for change. Included are information and theory, as well as full instructions for all the rituals you will need to prepare for and then evoke spirits. No other book makes this ancient magical technique as easy to understand and use, as does this one. That's why you must get Summoning Spirits.

Item Number: 9781567183818

$14.95 each

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Nocturnal Witchcraft, Magick After Dark by Konstantinos

Nocturnal Witchcraft, Magick After Dark by Konstantinos

Nightkind, goths, children of the night- they are seekers intrigued by the mysteries of the occult and Witchcraft, yet disappointed by the books that equate dark mysteries with evil. Nocturnal Witchcraft delivers a unique experience. From divining with the night to reading minds, from enhancing personal magnetism to altering reality, Nocturnal Witchcraft fulfills the esoteric needs of anyone who appreciates dark mystique.

Item Number: 9780738701660

$16.99 each

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