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Rev. Joe Estes
Rev. Joe Estes

MisterMan - Feline Companion, Now One Of My Spirit Guides
MisterMan - Feline Companion
Now One Of My Spirit Guides

I was blessed with the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with one of my spirit guides in the physical world. Misterman was sent to me by my other spirit guides with a purpose. His purpose was to make me stop ignoring my gifts as a naturally intuitive psychic and healer. The word natural means I was born with these abilities. I have been practicing witchcraft since May 1991. I have always known when things would happen or how certain events would turn out.

Often I have done things that amazed people who are not framiliar with psychic abilities. Like slowing down before cresting a hill only to find a deer standing in the middle of the road, or visiting a girl friend 30 miles away by astral travel, or knowing what a lover wanted before they asked for it, or being able to finish sentences for someone else.

I am offering you my services as a natural intuitive psychic and healer. I am also an ordained minister with the Church Of Radiant Light and am available for weddings (handfastings) in Ohio. In addition I am available for Personal Private Consultations, Psychic Parties, Classes, Speaking Engagements, Relationship Counseling, Grief Counseling, Funeral Services and/or Rites, House Blessings and/or Cleansing.

All questions answered. I will consult with the divine source and your spirit guides using my natural intuitive psychic abilities plus the tarot cards.

Deep down we all have a need to know. Let me help you with questions about your life, health, lover, children, parents, siblings, work, money, animal companions.

Reiki Healer - Level 2

In March 2009 I received my attunements and training in Reiki, Level 2. Reiki is a form of energy healing, which draws upon the energies in the Univerese. The Reiki Practioner draws upon these energies, acting as a conduit, and focuses them on the subject for the purpose of healing and cleansing. Very often images, or messages, are given to the Reiki Practioner about the subject. Any messages or images received will be relayed to the subject by email, when possible. In order to be effective I need the name of the subject and their location. The subject of the healing can be human or animal.


Reading by E-Mail

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Reiki Distance Healing

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