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A Witch's Notebook By Silver RavenWolf

A Witch's Notebook By Silver RavenWolf

What if you could peek inside the journal of a skilled and powerful Wiccan and read all about her exciting forays into the Craft? What if that Witch was the ever-popular Silver RavenWolf?

Silver's own pearls of wisdom gained along the bumpy road to spiritual enlightenment can be found in A Witch's Notebook. This hands-on guide is designed to work from moon to moon-leading students through five months of spiritual advancement. In discussing cleansing, sacred symbols, renewed spirituality, and magickal ingredients, Silver urges Wiccans to step outside the usual confines of Witchcraft and explore other belief systems. This book also includes exercises, spells, and herbal information to assist in forging one's own unique spiritual path.

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Item#: 9780738706627

$12.95 each

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A Witch's World of Magick by Melanie Marquis

A Witch's World of Magick by Melanie Marquis

This sparkling, in-depth examination of theories and techniques from around the world will help you reach higher levels of magickal insight and success. Each chapter features examples of tried-and-true magickal techniques gathered from the annals of folk magick around the world. By becoming more familiar with these classic "magickal moves," you'll have a solid starting point for designing your own mystical innovations.

Melanie Marquis, author of The Witch's Bag of Tricks, helps you explore the ins and outs of magickal skills and concepts from an eclectic perspective, providing a deeper understanding of spellwork and a greater appreciation for our magickal world. From Wiccan spells to Chaos magick, magick without tools to potion-making, discover love spells, word charms, curse-breaking, potion-making, contemporary spellwork, and more.

Melanie Marquis is a lifelong practitioner of magick, founder of the United Witches global coven, and organizer of Denver Pagans. She is a writer who has written for the American Tarot Association, Llewellyn's almanacs and datebooks, and national and international Pagan publications including Circle and Pentacle Magazine. She resides in Colorado.

Item#: 9780738736600

$16.99 each

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Advanced Witchcraft:  Go Deeper, Reach Further, Fly Higher by Edain McCoy

Advanced Witchcraft: Go Deeper, Reach Further, Fly Higher by Edain McCoy

You need no magickal tools, elaborate robes, or witchy jewelry to make this trip. Just bring along your passion and self-discipline, your humility and your courage, your determination and your faith. Unlike the road of the mainstream religions where the flock must play Follow the Leader into the realms of higher learning, we Witches must find that path ourselves and walk it alone. This requires the courage of our convictions, faith in our deities, trust in ourselves, and a balance in all areas of our life that allows us to walk the path of self-responsibility to bravely face the wonders of ''that which can never be told.'' -Edain McCoy

Are You Living As a Witch?

In the beginning everything is fresh and new. Learning how to cast a circle, work magick, and honor the God and Goddess on esbats and sabbats can be exhilarating. But once you''ve mastered the basics of Witchcraft comes the real challenge of living your faith every moment of every day. Living as a Witch is knowing that you are the magick.

Advanced Witchcraft doesn''t contain any Wicca 101 information-it assumes that you''re already familiar with the nuts and bolts of the Craft. Instead, this book challenges you to think critically about your beliefs and practices, what they mean to you, how they''ve changed, and where you''re going. Along the way you''ll also learn many techniques for intermediate and advanced Witches, including:

  • Meeting your shadow.
  • Advanced warding and psychic self-defense.
  • Power animals, familiars, and shapeshifters.
  • Working the labyrinth and the maze.
  • Advanced tree spirituality.
  • Advanced augury and divination.
  • Magick and ritual using the fine arts of storytelling, dance, music, art, and drama.
  • The art of Wishcraft.
  • The healing arts.
  • Spirits and lost souls.
  • Banishing and closing portals.
  • Surviving the dark night of the soul.

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Item Number: 9780738705132

$21.99 each

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Book of Shadows by Migene González-Wippler

Book of Shadows by Migene González-Wippler

Wicca is essentially a religion, as sacred and vital as other religions. Its central foundation is nature and all of its laws. Witches maintain a constant identification with the flora, fauna, the waters, the winds, and all other natural phenomena.

Yet Wiccan beliefs and practices are often unknown or misunderstood by non-Pagans and the uninitiated. Approaching the Craft from the Gardnerian perspective, Migene González-Wippler offers a friendly, straightforward introduction to the Old Religion and sheds light on what it truly means to be a Witch.

What goes on at coven meetings? How do Witches perform magic? Why does magic work? From initiation rites to invoking elementals, González-Wippler explains both practical and spiritual aspects of Wiccan traditions. Book of Shadows also teaches the significance of Moon phases, herbs, colors, crystals, common magical tools, and other implements when performing sacred ceremonies and rituals.

About The Author

Migene Gonzalez-Wippler was born in Puerto Rico and has degrees in psychology and anthropology from the University of Puerto Rico and from Colombia University. She has worked as a science editor for the Interscience Division of John Wiley, the American Institute of Physics, and the American Museum of Natural History, and as an English editor for the United Nations in Vienna, where she lived for many years. She is a cultural anthropologist and lectures frequently at universities and other educational institutions.

Item#: 9780738702131

$13.95 each

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Book of Witchery - Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week by Ellen Dugan

Book of Witchery by Ellen Dugan

Witchery isn’t limited to the sabbats and to the occasional full moon; magick happens every day. In this treasury of enchantments, spells and witchery, popular author Ellen Dugan presents her personal grimoire of magick essentials to keep you happily conjuring seven days a week! Formerly available as 7 Days of Magic, new and advanced material has more than doubled the witchy wisdom within these pages, yet it still fits into a busy Witch’s schedule. As you learn daily magickal correspondences and themes, you’ll build a solid foundation of knowledge and open up amazing possibilities for highly effective spellwork and witchery each and every day.

  • At-a-Glance Correspondences
  • Daily Magickal Applications
  • Deities
  • Meditations
  • Magickal Plants & Flower
  • Colors, Candles, Crystals & Metals
  • Potions, Philters & Oils
  • Daily Witch Crafts
  • Daily Rituals

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Item#: 9780738715841

$19.95 each

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Book Of Wizardry by Cornelius Rumstuckle

Book Of Wizardry by Cornelius Rumstuckle

Tongue-in-cheek and deliciously droll, "Cornelius Rumstuckle" is the fictional narrator of The Book of Wizardry. Now featuring a new cover, this highly entertaining guide to wizardry makes genuine magical ideas accessible to young adults.

Brennan's fun wizard training manual is filled with interactive activities: how to make a wand and other wizard tools, discover your Wizard's name, switch on Wizard's Power, read the future in the Wizard's Oracle, and more. Those who successfully complete the Wizard's Adventure and crack the code in this book can become an accredited member of the Wizard's Guild.

Item#: 9780738701653

$13.95 each

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Buckland`s Book of Saxon Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland

Buckland`s Book of Saxon Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland

This classic volume, one of the first books ever to explore Wicca from a solitary perspective, is back with a new introduction by Wiccan elder Raymond Buckland. Originally published in 1973 as The Tree, Buckland`s Book of Saxon Witchcraft offers seekers a complete introductions to the solitary practice of Saxon witchcraft or Saex-Wicca.

Everything you need to start practicing Wicca on your own is included in this informative and practical book, from history and folklore to the actual practice and spirituality of witchcraft, including:

  • Descriptions of the Saxon deities and explanations of their primary beliefs.
  • An introduction to Saxon runes.
  • A selection of original Pagan songs.
  • Saex-Wiccan recipes for intoxicants.
  • Instructions for initiation ceremonies and rites for the Sabbats, marriage, birth and death.
  • Saxon spells, magic and potions for protection, love and healing.
  • A rite of self-initiation, which allows individuals to form their own covens and initiate themselves into the Craft.
  • A truly indispensable book for solitary practicioners looking for a solid introduction to Wicca from a respected elder or for those already on the path seeking to explore those practices unique to Saxon witchcraft.


$14.95 each

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Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft is the most complete self study course in modern Wicca available. For group or solitary use, it includes rituals, psychic development exercises, information on all major sects of the Craft, and sections on tools, beliefs, dreams, meditations, divination, herbal lore, healing, and ritual clothing. Completion of the fiften lessons constitutes a Third-Degree in Witchcraft. Re-released with new design, new preface, new index, new edit, new artwork and photos.

Click here to view Page 19 - Beginning of Chapter 2 (Beliefs)
Click here to view Page 62 (Initiation)

Item Number: 9780875420509

$19.95 each

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